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Acupuncture Baton Rouge

Thank you for showing your interest in acupuncture Baton Rouge where we are committed to giving you a positive experience with positive recovery results.

Stress is a big contributor to our bodies shutting down and the trickle down effect can cause different issues with our health. We can give you Baton Rouge acupuncture therapy that will help your body destress and help you recover without the need for Western medicine intervention.

Our acupuncture therapy treatments include:

  • Scalp Acupuncture
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Fertility Acupuncture
  • Pain Management
  • Facial Acupuncture

About Acupuncture Baton Rouge LA

Our acupuncture clinic is ready to rid your uneasiness and help you with the most relaxing pain management Baton Rouge LA has to provide the community.

It has been our pleasure to use our skills and knowledge to better the health of the city and surrounding areas. We have been committed to being continually trained and educated about acupuncture techniques and new evidence and applying that to our practice.

We value you and your experience with us. It is important to us that you feel valued and heard when you are expressing your health concerns and needs. Your comfort and recovery is yours to decide what you need from us.

Our goal is to continue to provide a safe and sanitized environment that is here to heal you without any added issues that uncleanliness can bring. We are diligent in disinfecting our supplies and equipment to truly have a clean place for you to come to.

It is our mission to heal you without your need to take drugs to mask your symptoms. We want to get to the root of your health problems and pain. We will teach you how to take care of yourself outside of our acupuncture treatments.

Our acupuncture clinic is your best option for pain management Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. You will not be disappointed in choosing us.

Why Choose Us?

Patients choose our acupuncture clinic over others because we provide the most effective acupuncture Baton Rouge has to offer the community and we know you won’t need to look anywhere else for recovery options.

It has been our pleasure to treat the community for many years and show that your health can be improved with naturopathic remedies and you can heal without the need for harsh intervention.

It is necessary to us that:

  • Our office is a safe space for you to heal and feel relaxed. We are here for you and our acupuncturists want you to feel free to express all concerns and questions you are having.
  • You are comfortable during the entire process. It is important that you are able to have a painless treatment and you are able to relax.
  • Each of our acupuncturists are willing to continue to learn and improve their skills to give you the best experience with actual results. Evidence can change and we are committed to staying up to date with the techniques that are helping you heal in a more effective way.

Call our office as soon as you can to set up a much needed appointment. We are free to answer all questions and provide details that need clarification.

Call our office immediately to get your body back to how it should be. Pain free is the way your body should be.

What To Expect

It is imperative to us that our standards are high and our service quality is top notch and always improving. Our clinic is the leading company in our area for the best acupuncture Baton Rouge provides to the city and encompassing cities.

Patients choose us for our calming atmosphere and professional staff. You will always feel invited when you walk through our doors. We believe in serving you the best way that we can.

Our acupuncture techniques can help your overall quality of health.

Acupuncture benefits include:

  • Increase in energy
  • Stress relief
  • Better digestion
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved immunity
  • Enhance brain function
  • Allergy relief
  • Neurological disorder recovery
  • Migraine and headache relief

How to prepare for your appointment:

  • Call our office to make an appointment that you can fit into your busy life.
  • Give yourself enough time in your day for your appointment. We need the full appointment time to properly treat you.
  • Avoid drinking things that contain any caffeine. We want you to be able to calm your body and lay still during your treatment.
  • Eat food before coming in. You will avoid feeling nauseous if you have eaten a small meal.

What to expect during your appointment:

  • We will have a detailed consultation with you going over your health history, current health, and lifestyle.
  • Your acupuncturist will choose an acupuncture technique that will be best for your problems and map out the needle placement.
  • You will lay back and relax while you receive your treatment.
  • We will check in with you during the process so we are on the same page and you are comfortable.
  • Your acupuncturist will recommend a treatment plan for you to fully recover from your health problems.


Our services will bring unity to your body and your mind with pain free and relaxing techniques. We are trained with skills that cannot be found at any other acupuncture clinic. You will be able to feel the acupuncture benefits after every appointment. Our office will give you the Baton Rouge acupuncture that you need for the best results.

baton rouge electroacupuncture


Traditional acupuncture can help with most everything, but sometimes the pain and health issues are deep within the body. Electroacupuncture is a technique that can get those health problems that traditional treatments can’t treat. The process is done by adding an electric current between two needles and controlling the strength of the current to customize the strength of stimulation.

baton rouge fertility acupuncture

Fertility Acupuncture

Infertility is hard to process and can be caused by many things such as hormone imbalances, stress, and low blood supply to the reproductive organs. Our fertility acupuncture techniques will balance and normalize your hormones, lower stress related hormones, and promote blood flow to reproductive organs. Our treatment can also aid in helping women ovulate.

baton rouge scalp acupuncture

Scalp Acupuncture

Neurological disorders are commonly thought of as untreatable or hard to treat naturally. We offer acupuncture therapy techniques that can help your brain and your mind have immediate improvements. Scalp acupuncture can help with rehabilitation after a stroke, brain injury, migraines, and many more. Some patients can see results quickly and feel a dramatic recovery.

baton rouge facial acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

There isn’t anything better than a natural solution to facial issues. We can diminish the appearance of scars and wrinkles on your face and add a youthful glow to your skin. Replace your botox treatments with facial acupuncture to get back the skin that you once had. Don’t let aging skin rule over you and let us rejuvenate your collagen.

baton rouge acupuncture pain management

Pain Management

Managing pain the naturopathic way can be difficult if you aren’t at the right place. We know how to give you reprieve from the discomfort you have been experiencing. Baton Rouge pain management doesn’t need to be hard and we will make sure that your appointment is easy and leaves you feeling better than ever.

About Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge is the capital of Lousianna and is located along the Mississippi River. The climate consists of mild winters and hot summers with heavy rain and tornadoes that come yearound.

The city is known for the LSU museum of art, the Magnolia Mound Plantation, and the Old State Capitol Building. There is something for everyone to enjoy in the city.

The population is around 220,000 people.

Surrounding cities to Baton Rouge include:

  • Highlands/Perkins, LA
  • Mid City North, LA
  • South Baton Rouge, LA
  • Baker/Zachary, LA
  • Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest, LA
  • Prairieville, LA
  • Central, LA
  • Brownsfield/Central, LA
  • Shenandoha, LA
  • Many other areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a well trained acupuncturist near me that gives positive results?

The acupuncturists in our office are well trained and have years of experience making them the most qualified acupuncture therapists in the area.

How big are the acupuncture needles?

Acupuncture needles are small and range in length size from .5 inch to 2.5 inches.

How does acupuncture work and is it painful?

Acupuncture is done by placing needles in specific spots to promote blood flow. The process is not painful because the needles are so small.

Can acupuncture for anxiety give me good results if I’m not on medication?

We treat anxiety in hopes that you can stay away from medication if possible.

Does acupuncture for migraines and headaches give immediate results?

You will feel relief for your migraines and headaches during your appointment and long after.

Does your clinic offer acupuncture for back pain and pain in other parts of the body?

We offer pain management for all types of pain issues. Back pain acupuncture can be done on anyone experiencing back problems.

What does acupuncture do for the body and mind connection?

Acupuncture therapy connects the pathways in your body to your mind and creates harmony within.

How much does acupuncture cost in your office?

We encourage you to call our office to get information on all of our pricing details.

Where is the best acupuncture near me that will give me actual results?

We know our clinic will give you better results than anywhere else nearby.

Can I get actual results from fertility acupuncture near me?

We have positive testimonials from patients that have been able to carry a health baby to term with our help with acupuncture treatments.

Client Testimonials

I have been a patient at this clinic for many years. The staff has always been professional and knowledgeable! I always walk in knowing the office is clean and my service will be relaxing.

Greg H.

I was skeptical that acupuncture could help with my chronic back pain because nothing else has worked since my accident. I was so happy when I felt pain relief almost immediately during my appointment! I am a believer in acupuncture and this clinic was amazing.

Cindy O.

Every acupuncturist I have seen in this clinic has been so kind and knew what they were doing. I feel so good during and after my appointments. I love coming back and feeling the positive results of their unique techniques.

Stewart D.

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We know that we will give you the best acupuncture Baton Rouge has to offer and the longest lasting recovery with our treatments.

Ease the worries in your mind and let acupuncture take your troubles away. Our office will help you feel like a whole new person and understand what your body was made to be able to do.

Don’t let the stress of the world affect your body any longer. We want to help you gain independence from medical intervention.

Contact our clinic as soon as possible to treat yourself to the most relaxing treatment you can get in our area. We look forward to helping you in positive ways that will make your recovery process painless and simple.

Acupuncture Baton Rouge

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